CRI® provides both “educational” and “consultative” services to healthcare professionals, with the goal of instructing and training these individuals in improving their skills and, ultimately, to perform higher quality services for the communities they serve. All of CRI®’s educational and consultative programs have one overriding goal, to improve laboratory medicine and the quality of patient care associated with the day-to-day operations of laboratory medicine.

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    2014 Live Webinars now available on Webinar CEExpress!

    Through CRI®’s LIVE Webinar series, healthcare professionals will be able to access subject content tailored to relevant industry topics. The entire 2014 LIVE Webinar series is now available as LabUnviersity Webinar CEexpress courses! These courses are created from previously presented Live CRI® Webinars to allow participants to obtain CE credit. The course links you to…


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    2015 IQCP Workshops

    Prepare to implement the new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) IQCP Interpretive Quality Control Guidelines. Presenters include Keynote speakers from leading Accrediting Organizations CMS and COLA! This full day workshop offers six (6) P.A.C.E.© credits…


Recent thoughts from our Lab Quality Advisor...

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    IQCP: Bridging QC and QA

    Irwin Rothenberg MBA, MS, MT(ASCP)May 12, 2016

    It appears that there is still some confusion among laboratory personnel in differentiating QC from QA; and that this uncertainty has been compounded by the introduction and implementation of the Individualized Quality Control Plan (IQCP). These are different concepts, and it is important to understand these differences, both from the practical standpoint of what you…


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    Has Your Customer Service Kept Up?

    Irwin Rothenberg MBA, MS, MT(ASCP)April 12, 2016

    Introduction: When we discuss all the changes that laboratories have to deal with, from technical and regulatory, to evolving views of healthcare delivery, and service expectations, we must include how these affect customer service. Customer service is involved in every phase of the laboratory operation; it is the face of the laboratory, and thus reflects…


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