You can do this! – CRI IQCP E-Optimizer Testimonial

Sandy WilliamsSeptember 25, 2014


When I first spoke to Terri she had just purchased the CRI® IQCP E-Optimizer and was calling with a question about navigating the software. “Can’t you just come down and do it for me?” Terri inquired. I would always reply “You can do this.” Once we hung up the phone, she went back to her computer and was on a roll. Terri, Lab Supervisor at a Texas Specialty Medical Center, completed almost a dozen IQCPs in a week! The new CLIA Individualized Quality Control Plan (IQCP) Interpretive Guidelines are Quality Control based on Risk Management. This software tool provides all laboratories, from small POLs to hospitals and independent labs, a roadmap on how to involves performing a Risk Assessment identifying potential sources of error that may cause varying levels of harm to the patient, and develop an IQCP for any test system in the laboratory.

At the staff meeting when Terri was delegated the task of getting the lab IQCP compliant, her usually joyful smiling face turned frantic and perplexed. For the 20+ test systems Terri has in her lab, the transition from EQC to IQCP seemed like a daunting task. After our conversation she returned to the software tool and back to the Welcome page. “Just collect all your information before you begin,” Terri recalled from the instructions provided. Sitting ready with her supporting documentation she resumed her task and began work on her first plan.
“The CRI® IQCP E-Optimizer is well worth the investment.”

The CRI® IQCP E-Optimizer Software:
• Cost effective and assists laboratories biopsy their current QC methods and receive customized recommendations on how to align their QC programs with IQCP guidelines
• Offers a web based, annual subscription software tool, with Free Technical Support
• Generates an IQCP Summary Report which includes your overall risk score and includes a classification of risk, according to your scored answers
• Addresses the Pre-analytical, Analytical and Post-analytical stage of testing to identify sources of potential failures/errors in the five required areas Specimen, Environment, Reagent, Test system, and Testing personnel
• Allows your lab to adhere to CLIA Federal, State and accrediting organization requirements
• Allows your lab to create an unlimited number of IQCPs

Terri began again and found it easier than she had anticipated. Once she pinpointed the proper responses she was unstoppable! IQCPs were completed for almost every test in her lab (waived and non-waived) because the software made it so easy. “The CRI® IQCP E-Optimizer is well worth the investment.” She found it extremely cost effective for her at less than $10 per test system to create the necessary compliance documentation.
When I followed up with Terri one month later she was not only confident, she was excited! The software tool turned a seemingly overwhelming task delegated from her Lab Director to an achievement in regulatory compliance and documentation.

The CRI® IQCP E-Optimizer relieves the burden of CLIA compliance in an easy to use, non-intimidating platform. Terri found an all-inclusive tool that the Lab Director simply needed to review, approve and implement the documentation created. As the staff records were updated for completion of training & competency assessments on the new QC plan, Terri breathed a sigh of relief. She began her IQCP compliance odyssey early in the Education & Transition period and she will be ready and compliant for inspection and IQCP full implementation well before January 1, 2016. Terri and the staff know that they are performing the most effective QC for the tests they perform in their lab.

Put the CRI® IQCP E-Optimizer to work for EVERY TEST IN YOUR LAB Contact us today at WWW.CRIEDU.ORG/IQCP




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